Biomass Services


Heat your business or home

Biomass is a renewable fuel source used to produce heating and/or hot water for domestic and commercial properties. It is derived from easily replenished crops such as corn, maize, and sugar cane as well as fast growing soft wood trees, it can also be sourced from food waste. The use of biomass in heating systems is beneficial because it uses agricultural, forest, urban and industrial residues and waste to produce heat and electricity with less effect on the environment than fossil fuels.

Biomass is considered Carbon Netural because it only releases the quantity of CO2 that the crop absorbed

How Does A Biomass Boiler Work?

The boiler is connected up to the main heating and water source for the property Wood pellets/Wood chip are delivered to your home or business on a monthly or bi monthly basis and blown into the hopper of the biomass boiler. The hopper typically holds enough fuel for about one to two months at a time. These pellets/chips are then burned to produce heating and hot water to the property.


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